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Project «M.O.S.E.»

Project «M.O.S.E.»



     The MO.S.E.,  acronym standing for Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico (Experimental electro-mechanical module), is a project, currently underway, featuring an integrated system composed by a moltitude of mobile rollaway gates, to isolate the Venice lagoon from the Adriatic Sea during the high tides, when these exceed the 110 cm limit. It’s an exceptional work, both for design and the realization and installation: the system is made by gates settled on the lagoon bottom, near the three hatches, so to protect Venice and its lagoon from the tides and the events who are now drastically quickening its decay. The MO.S.E. system can temporarily isolate the lagoon from the sea, without affecting environment, navigability, safety and all the activities, both when the gates are operating and when they’re at rest. General Fluidi is proud to collaborate in the design and realization of a fundamental part of the MO.S.E.: we are talking about the plant needed to activate the coupling between the fixed part and the mobile one of the connector between the gate and its housing caisson, so to allow the coupling and unfastening (and thus, the removal) of the gates themselves. General Fluidi is working on an advanced hydraulic mechanism, granting the gates’ motion from the housing caissons, where they rest when not needed to be working.

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